Change over

Well I guess I have held out long enough, this site has been sold to Google and they are changing the way the site works. For one thing they are are requiring people to have a google account to log in, which so far I have resisted and have not done. Today when I logged in it basically said this was the last time I would be allowed to use my old account, so I guess that means next week I have to switch over. I don't know what that means yet and I don't know what kind of changes it may mean for you all. I think the address is the same, so we'll see what happens next week.

Otherwise I had a cold most of the weekend so I was pretty lazy. Saturday was very windy, in fact many of the lifts in Vail's bowls had to close and I heard A-basin had to close the upper lifts all day. I took that day as errands day and to try and get over my cold. Sunday I slept in and then headed up to Beaver Creek for a few hours before heading back home to thaw out the frozen Lou Malnati's pizzas I ordered for the Super Bowl. I had 6 of my friends over to watch the game and savor the miracle of Chicago Pizza via nationwide delivery. They pizzas really warmed up well, and everyone enjoyed them. The sausage was a big hit, everyone thought the patty that covers the whole pizza was pretty cool. For dessert we had Eli's cheesecake, which I ordered with the pizzas. Its not cheap, but it was a worthwhile treat to help celebrate the Bears being in the Super Bowl. Its too bad they didn't win, but I think they have a team that has the potential to get back again soon, so hopefully they will. At least a few of my fellow Syracuse alums got to win, Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney especially. Now that football is over its time to start to turn our attention to college basketball, March Madness is only a month away!