Opening Weekend

Ski season is starting to roll in. I wouldn't exactly say its going full speed yet, though. For one the resorts still have the majority of their terrain closed, and I am not in total ski shape yet. Sure I climbed a lot of mountains, but they use different muscles to go up than they do to go down, namely the thighs. After two days in a row of skiing at Vail they are a little sore, but that is why early season skiing is so important. Nothing gets you in shape for skiing like skiing, no matter how much time you spend at the gym or doing other things.

We got a pretty fair amount of snow earlier this week, around 20" on the ski resorts. That helped boost the snowmaking operations and by opening day Vail was able to get about half of the front side open, about 785 acres and 55 trails. That was great news for this weekend's skiing, it meant the crowds would be nice and spread out and there would be a variety of terrain for everyone. Some of the steeper black diamond runs are still a little thin, with branched and rocks sticking out, so it definitely paid to have "rock skis". The intermediate cruisers were in nice shape though, and not too icy either. Saturday I met up with a bunch of people from work and we skiied and boarded around all over the mountain, mainly on the cruisers. There was hardly anyone over in the area near the Gondola so we got to have some of those trails all to ourselves! Everyone was pretty beat when we called it quits at 3, my friend Ryan and I headed for some lunch and the rest of the guys headed home to crash on the couch. I went up solo on Sunday, got in a few mogul runs and some more groomers. Hopefully my form is coming back and in another couple of weeks when the bowls open I will be ready for them!

Other than that not much going on, we had a bowling party at work last week which was fun. I got a 142 the one game, I think that is one of the best I ever had. Usually I am happy to break 100! It looks like I will be hosting a Thanksgiving party this week for all of the fellow "orphans" in the office that aren't going home for the holidays. I am supplying the turkey, stuffing and potatoes and the guests are taking care of the vegetables, dessert and any snacks for us to have while we watch football. Hope you all have a great holiday!