Skipping Fall

This will be brief, I have had to work a lot of overtime recently due to my project but I wanted to give you all a quick update. The deadline is Monday (Oct 2) so that is the good news, but I will be in the office all weekend. At least all the hard work is paying off, 1) I get paid for overtime, 2) they gave us all an interim bonus check for our efforts and 3) they made me an associate last week! Those are 3 things the old firm never did...

Anyway, last weekend I managed to sneak a peak climb inbetween my weekend overtime. It was one I had already done, but I knew it was a short and close outing. I headed up Dyer Mountain again, this time via the southeast slopes routes instead of the west ridge which I climbed last year. There was a lot of snow up there actually, the end of last week we got hit with a large early season storm and in some of the higher mountains (such as Dyer) there was over 2 feet! I was up to my knees most of the way, and even to my waist in a few drifts. It was beautiful and sunny out though, and actually the sun felt rather warm. It wasn't too windy either! The ground was covered, but the snow was not compacted at all. It may have been 2-3 feet deep but I could feel pretty much every rock below. It made some sections tricky becaues you couldn't see where the gaps in the rocks were but you sure could feel them when you sunk in! The summit was nice, I was the only one up there and got to enjoy the view with clear skies! There were two groups climbing nearby Mt Sherman (a fourteener I had already done twice) but I never crossed their paths. The rest of the weekend I was at work most of the time, and have been there most of the week too. At least the light at the end of the tunnel is now in sight, and I will be able to spend my OT money on some new ski boots just in time for season to start!

A view of the Sawatch Range from the summit of Dyer Mountain is below. It sure looks more like February than September don't you think?

Fall snow on Beaver Creek: