Early Season Snow

The image above was taken from above the cabin at the end of the Bighorn Creek trail in East Vail. My friend Ben and I were going to try and climb the Grand Traverse, a class 4 ridge route that starts at the head of the basin, but were thwarted by the fresh snow in the mountains this past weekend. We still went ahead and hiked the trail, we were hoping that the weather would break as the day progressed and that we would still be able to hike Keller Mountain, which is a class 2 route. The peak at the head of the basin in the photograph is actually a false summit of Keller. The clouds unfortunately stuck around, and we were getting rain and sleet off and on while we were hiking the trail so when we got to the end of the trail we decided to just head back. Ben and his wife Erica were up visiting me from Crested Butte, but Erica decided not to come along on the hike in the rain. After the hike we met up with her and some other friends to watch college football at one of Erica's good friend's house. As you may remember, Ben and Erica used to live in Edwards and Ben and I worked together. We had our eyes on the Grand Traverse for years, but never have been able to get up there. Once again, out plans didn't work out, but one of these days Vail's landmark traverse will be ours!

Sunday we had a late breakfast and then Ben and Erica left to get some errands in on the way back home. Crested Butte is fairly isolated and there were a lot of stores they needed to visit in Glenwood Springs to get some things for their house. I ended up spending Sunday afternoon at the office to make up some of my overtime hours that I have been needing to work. We have been on mandatory overtime since I got back from Rainier, and still have about 3 more weeks to go before it will be back to normal hours. At least I get paid for it, so its not all bad! The only problem has been the wet weekends, Karlin and Wells lucked out on the weather last week, it was the only dry Saturday in the last month and a half. Hopefully things will dry out and I will get some climbing in this weekend to hold me over for the final push on my project deadline. In the meantime I get to watch the colors as they start to change on the local mountains, soon all the aspen trees will be yellow for fall!