Holiday Weekend

Sorry, its been a busy week. Its a short week, and I had to go to Crested Butte for the project Wednesday and Tracy came up last night to visit me and go on a Rainier pack training hike with me. Finally I have been able to get to the blog and let you know how the weekend went! Saturday was another errands running day, I had got my tires the weekend before but their alignment mechanic had quit so I had to wait another week, and drive to Glenwood Springs to go to their other store and get the alignment taken care of. Now I have nice new tires that drive straight! That evening I drove down to Denver to stay with Tracy before our early morning climb near Boulder of the Arapahoe Peaks with our friend Jody. We wanted a dawn start because we wanted to make sure snow conditions would be optimal for our ascent. The snow was in great shape and we had a wonderful climb. I actually put up a trip report on one of the climbing forums I belong too with pictures, you can read all about it here:


That night our original plan was to go camping somewhere and do another peak on Monday but we got done with the Arapahoes so late that we didn't have enough daylight left to drive anywhere to camp. Instead we had dinner and decided to do a day trip on Monday instead. Our intention was to climb New York Mountain, which is up here near me, but as we got to around 11,000' the trail got snowed in and the trees were so thick we couldn't tell where we were supposed to go anymore and just turned around. Luckily she had all of her rock climbing gear in her car and we headed to Gilman Gorge for some rock climbing. We had fun, I was able to top out on a route that had thwarted me the week before and she got to see a new area to climb that she had never been to before. It was the first time we got on technical rock together and it was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to dinner for $5 burger night, you have to get burgers at least once over Memorial Day weekend!

Phew, now its time for the weekend once more, and another peak!