May Showers

It looks like April Showers were a little late, they came the first week of May instead. It has rained on and off pretty much since Thursday and as I write this a big thunderstorm is just moving through town. With all this squirrely weather, alas, no peak for me this weekend. I did manage to sneak in a little biking when the weather temporarily cooperated Thursday after work and Sunday afternoon. Thursday was just a quick ride up to the Beaver Creek village from my house, still its 800 feet of vertical and a good lung buster. Then Sunday Drew and I headed a couple of miles up the June Creek trail between Avon and Edwards. That trail is well melted out and when we get our bike legs (and lungs) in better shape for the season we will head even further up the trail.

Friday night was date night, Tracy came up and we headed to dinner in Avon and then went over to my friends Ben and Erica's pre-wedding party. They had a party after their rehearsal dinner, mainly as a way to mingle with all of their out of town guests, of which there were plenty. One of the guys there has been up Rainier a few times, and Tracy and I are planning on climbing Rainier in July. It was nice to talk to him and get his insight on routes, camping and equipment. Now we just need to start training! Saturday night was the wedding itself over in Vail. The weather cooperated just long enough to allow for the ceremony to be outside. Then it was back into the pavillion for the reception. It was a great time, good food, good music, and a lot of good friends. I know a lot of their friends, and have met a good amount of their families before as well. It was nice to be at a wedding where I knew so many people on both sides, usually I only know one side. In fact, most of the weddings I usually only know the family as most of the ones I have been to have been for my cousins. They are now off to Thailand for their honeymoon.

Hopefully later this week the weather will clear out again and there will be some afterwork rock climbing and biking. Then next weekend if things look good its off to the peaks once more!