2 Year Anniversary

Well year two is drawing to a close, I first moved into my original apartment here in Colorado on May 1, 2004. Hard to believe so much time has passed by! In that time I have skied over 60 days; most of which have been at Vail and Beaver Creek but I have also hit the slopes of Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper, Arapahoe Basin and Crested Butte. I have hiked up 24 fourteeners (including the 2 highest peaks in the state), 16 centennial thirteeners, and 26 other ranked and unranked summits. I have hiked to the summit of a peak at least once in each calendar month except for December and February. Well not counting skiing anyway, I did hike up Peak 7 at Breckenridge in February, but only from the top of the ski lift so it doesn’t really count. I have also seen fresh snow either falling or on the ground in each month consecutively since I moved here. It has been a busy couple of years, and now that the snow is melting, looks to continue that way. Last week a couple of friends and I went bouldering in Wolcott after work, the first time we have been out this year. I haven’t taken the bike out yet, but if we get a few dry nights this week hope to get back out on the bike as well. There are just so many great outdoor activities to enjoy up here, and I have definitely enjoyed my share of them so far!

This weekend was a little bit different than most, I still went hiking, but with a twist. I know that if you have read a lot of my recent peak climbing reports you know that I have been climbing a lot with a girl named Tracy. Well in the past week she and I have been talking a lot about how we both feel more of an attraction to each other than just as climbing partners. We talked a lot this week about it, and Saturday we had our first date together! She came up from Denver and we started out by going for a short hike, at least it was short by our standards anyway. We went to Booth Falls in East Vail; the 90’ waterfall is about 2 miles and 1400’ of vertical rise from the trailhead. There was still a fair amount of snow near the falls, but due to the recent snowmelt the water was racing and the falls were in great shape. After our hike we went to Vail Village and walked around a bit. Most of the shops are closed for the off season, but the ice cream parlor was open and we got ice cream cones and sat at the base of the ski slopes basking in the spring sun. Afterwards we went out for dinner in Edwards at one of my favorite local restaurants. We then drove over by where I go rock climbing, Tracy is an avid rock and ice climber, so she could see the local crags and boulders before she headed back home. It was a really nice day! We have a lot more in common than just our love of the mountains, and I’m really looking forward to our next date. I think it took us a while to say anything to each other because we both like climbing together so much that we didn’t want to lose that or make it awkward. Instead, I think now we just made it better! Life in Colorado just keeps getting better, looks like year 3 is starting off to be a good one!

For those of you that are curious, this is a summary list of all the peaks I have been on the summit of since I moved here:

Fourteeners: Elbert, Massive, La Plata, Lincoln, Grays, Antero, Torreys, Castle, Quandary, Evans, Belford, Yale, Bross, Kit Carson, Oxford, Democrat, Challenger Pt, Missouri, Bierstadt, Sherman, Redcloud, Holy Cross, Huron and Sunshine.

Centennials: Fletcher, Pacific, French, Casco, Emerald, Buckskin, Clinton, Dyer, Crystal, Edwards, Oklahoma, Atlantic, PT 13832, Holy Cross Ridge, Lackawanna and Silverheels.

Other Peaks and Unranked Summits: Square Top, Argentine, Drift, Frasco Benchmark, Iowa, Traver, McNamee, South Massive, West Evans, Loveland, PT 13660, Peak 9, Peak 10, North Star, Mascot, Grizzly D, Cupid, Sniktau, Lady Washington, Colorado Mines, Flora, Grand Traverse, North Traverse, and West Partner.

I won’t even bother to try and list all the ski trails!