Whirlwind Visit Home

I just got back from a little weekend trip back home. I got in Thursday, had some Giordano’s and then got to see one of the worst college basketball performances in Syracuse’s history first hand. It was the worst loss (by point margin) under coach Boeheim, and 4th worst ever. Friday my mom and I hung out downtown, had some Johnny Rockets for lunch and wandered the Mag Mile. We went to the Lindt store over in Water Tower Place and were delighted to find a whole lot of varieties for their truffle balls not usually found in stores, the orange and raspberry are really good! Then we met up with my sister at my nephew’s school when he got out and headed back to their place to hang out for a little while. Evan and I built one of his Lego sets from Christmas that hadn’t been done yet, the TIE fighter from Star Wars, complete with mini Lego Darth Vader. Later that evening, I met up with some friends for dinner at Silver Cloud and then the requisite live band karaoke at Pontiac. As usual, I sang Waiting Room by Fugazi. It has become my signature song, and usually is quite a crowd pleaser. It is so much more fun to sing in front of a band that a TV monitor! I stayed that night at my friend Mike’s house and Saturday we met up with Pete and Mike 3 (AKA Vendiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or Mike Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Mike) for a sushi lunch. It is nice to get sushi at a reasonable price for once; in the mountains it is easily twice as expensive as Chicago. Afterwards we checked the used CDs/DVDs at Reckless and wandered by the Wrigley Box office (wishful thinking) to see if they had ANY summer weekend seats, but all they had was obstructed view singles scattered around the park. I sure am glad the Cubs come to Colorado! Then it was back off to the suburbs for dinner with my family, some then some more Legos with my nephew before heading to bed for my morning flight on Sunday. As usual it was a fun trip, too quick, too short, and of course there were several people I wanted to see that I didn’t get to see. To all of you I saw, it was a great time and to those I didn’t, I apologize and hope all of our schedules work out better next time. Oh and if you are wondering, ski season goes until April 23rd this year so you still have a good 6 or 7 weeks to come visit (hint).