Okay, so first I apologize for not posting an entry last week. I had a few things distracting me early in the week and didn't realize I had missed it. Now this one is late, you probably thought I either forgot about you all or something. So what have I been up to? Well the previous weekend I met up with Wells, Chris, Chad and Chad's family at Breckenridge for some skiing and riding. I actually made it up there early that day and got to enjoy some of the fresh snow, albeit just 3 inches. Even took a hike up to the summit of Peak 7 from the T-Bar. I was fortunate to be only the 4th person to do so that day, and had the entire face of Peak 7 to myself in fresh snow! After meeting up with my friends we went exploring some of the other parts of the mountain, including a few runs at peaks 9 and 10. I even dragged Chris back out to the T-Bar for another run above the trees. Then we hung out at the base for a little while before all heading home. That Sunday I hit the nordic course and did the 10K loop. I used to race nordic in high school and 10K was the standard length of the boys' races. I didn't go at race pace, and probably wouldn't be able to match my old times right now anyway, but it was a lot of fun. I usually go at night by headlamp, so it was nice to be able to see the course for once!

This past weekend I headed up to Beaver Creek for a half day, with no new snow and my "good" skis in the shop it was more just to get out and get some exercise. I did a few of the mogul runs on Grouse and also explored the trees and chutes off of Royal Elk and Black Bear again. Those make for a pretty full day, even when its just a half day! Sunday I met up with my friends Tracy, Kevin and Jody to make another winter attempt at Mt Elbert. We met up at the trailhead around 7.30 and were talked into giving the road a try. The road was snowpacked, however, and we really should have just hiked it. Especially seeing as Kevin got his truck stuck. He has an Expedition, which weighs a lot more than my XTerra and there was no way I would be able to pull him out. We tried putting rocks under the tires and "rocking" the car forwards and back but all that managed to do was cause him to slide backwards and more off the road. He ended up having to call a tow truck, which ended up taking the rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon to get there and get him out. They actually got him out quick, mostly we were just waiting for them. They had a winch, tied the lines around a tree for leverage and pulled him out sideways back onto the road where he was able to drive out following the tow truck back to the paved parking area. After this we didn't have enough time to go for the summit (11 miles round trip) so we just hiked up the road and turned around. All total we did 4 miles round trip, and a lot of digging snow and waiting. After that we still felt we deserved a steak dinner. Oh well, at least all of that time together got us to see how well we work together in crisis, which is good seeing as we are all planning a trip to Rainier together!