Back to Winter

After a warm spell in the mountains that started to reduce our snowpack back below our "record" pace, it was a return to winter the end of this week. We got some new snow from Wednesday through Sunday, that may even linger into Monday. It wasn't all one storm though, and was mostly scattered snow showers. The snow underneath was pretty hard packed though, and Saturday was more of an East-Coast style powder day... "Dust on Crust". The inbounds runds a Beaver Creek were icy underneath, so even though there was 4-6 inches of fresh snow, turning was interesting! If you hit the spots that hadn't been tracked out it was nice, but then the parts where the tracks were ended up being icy. You had to be on your toes to avoid going "over the handlebars" when you went from ice back to soft again! The stuff in the tree runs was a little better as the sun hadn't baked the snow underneath as much during the warm spell. The backcountry over Beaver Lake was nice, there the weeks snow had piled up without seeing much other traffic and I was able to ski some fresh runs on more like a foot of new snow. The best run was one of the chutes back there where I was standing atop a 40 degree pitch looking down on the frozen lake below with no previous skier track below me.

Today I spend the day just taking care of things that have fallen by the wayside with being out of town and being busy during the week. Otherwise this weekend was all about college basketball and watching as Syracuse went from shaky bubble team, to winning 4 straight nail-biters to claim the Big East Tournament title and the automatic bid for their conference. Who needs the bubble? We're going automatic! The seeds just came out, and the "miracle" run in the tournament rewarded Syracuse with a 5 seed, where they get former bubble-mate Texas A&M in the first rounds. 12's seem to beat 5's every year, hopefully we are not the victim of that streak and one of our fellow 5's is the one who gets bumped off. Actually I think this year is going to be the "Year of the 11 Seed" as some of the best Mid-Majors are 11 seeds, including Wisconsin-Milwauke who was in the Sweet 16 last year as a 12! As usual it will be fun to see how it all plays out, hopefully my team can keep some of their Big East Tournament momentum as they move foward!