BC at BC

Even though it was a dry week, I still headed up for skiing this weekend. Saturday I went up to Beaver Creek with my real estate agent from when I bought my condo for a few runs. He was working that day, but unlike me, he can work from the chairlift (at least when it comes to phone calls). He only stayed for a few runs though because he did have some homes to show. The nice thing is that he knows the mountain really well, even a few areas that aren’t on the maps and are not necessarily inbounds. There was one spot just beyond the area boundary that really surprised me; it was almost like something you would expect at Crested Butte. There were several 40 degree plus chutes, and despite its being out of bounds, it was very well traveled and we saw 4 other people back there. It gives a whole new dimension to a ski area known primarily for its fur coats and groomed slopes! We talked about some of the other areas outside the boundary, and it seems like there is a lot of really good terrain just on the fringes of the resort. I don't want to leave the boundary alone, however, but hopefully in the future when I go with my friends we will be able to check out some of what the Beaver Creek backcountry has to offer. I didn’t stay too long myself on Saturday though, I wanted to get home and finish the installation on my bathroom vanity. Its all done and functioning properly now, and it looks pretty good! I will probably be done with improvements for a while, at least until I can save up some more money anyway. Sunday I went to Vail with a couple of co-workers and hit some of the usual suspects over there. A couple of warm up groomers on the front side, then a few runs in the Back Bowls and over at Blue Sky Basin. It was nice and empty on Sunday, there weren’t many lift lines to contend with and most people stuck to the groomed slopes so we had the runs mostly to ourselves. The snow was varied from icy patches to sun baked to nice and soft. With the cold night and sunny days it really plays with the snow consistency sometimes. Hopefully we will get some new snow soon to help soften everything back up! In the meantime, hopefully the US Olympic Team can pick up some more medals!


Skiing and Remodeling

Now that my knee feels back to normal, I went for the two ski day weekend. Saturday I went to Vail, which was really crowded, but at least had good snow to make up for it. In a couple of places in the back bowls I hiked up the ridge a little bit extra to get in some fresh turns. Definitely a worthwhile way to escape the crowds (albeit briefly) and get some fresh powder. The rest of the slopes were pretty good, and I actually spent the morning on the front side instead of the bowls. It seems that everyone was heading straight back to the bowls and good ole chair 3 was being ignored. I got in about 3 laps with fresh turns on Kangaroo Cornice, all with no lift line. I then moved to the Northwoods area for a few steep runs down North Rim and Prima Cornice before sucking it up and joining the masses in the back bowls. The runs were good, and the snow was excellent but the lift lines were a little too much to deal with. After a handful of runs I decided to just head back down the face and get a late lunch and head home.

Sunday you would have thought that Denver made the Super Bowl, there was pretty much nobody at Beaver Creek; a stark contrast to the day before. I asked one of my friends at work if Vail was crowded and he said Sunday was dead there too. I guess more people in Colorado cared about Seattle and Pittsburgh than I thought. I only stayed for about 4 hours but managed to get in a dozen runs. First I was getting some fresh tracks on some of the steep runs in the Birds of Prey area, including the run they use for the World Cup. The must have groomed it recently because it had virtually no moguls, and with our 4 inches of new snow it was a lot of fun to zip down. After a couple of open runs, I decided to head more for the tree runs like Royal Elk Glade, Black Bear Glade and Stickline. There was some deep snow, particularly in Black Bear, that hadn’t been skied in days. I could have stayed longer, but I had some home improvements to attend to.

My initial plan was to install my new vanity and top for the bathroom, but never actually got around to that part. First I had to demo the old mirror, medicine cabinet and light so that I would be able to patch/paint before dripping onto my new stuff. Removing the old stuff did a number on the walls and it took most of the day for all of the patch work to dry. By the time I was able to paint it was already dark, and too late to work on the vanity. I did some lighting work instead, replacing the light in the dining area and entry, and master bedroom. I also got the new light and mirror for the bathroom, but seeing as I had to wait for the paint to dry those didn’t get installed. I actually hung the light this morning before work, I didn’t want exposed wired with all the steam from the morning shower. I was a little late, but at least I have a functioning bathroom light. I’ll probably hang the mirror tonight, but it will be next weekend before the vanity goes in. Oh well, at least things are moving in the right direction!