100th Post!

So welcome to post number 100! I guess that means I have been busy since I moved here. Well it was another busy weekend, chock full from end to end! On Saturday I met up with Karlin, Wells, Chad and one of Chad's clients at Vail for some skiing and snowboarding on 4 inches+ of new snow. We started out with a couple of warm-up groomers and then started to hit the bowls. We got some nice fresh tracks over in Game Creek Bowl down Deuces Wild, probably the nicest run of the day. There was still good snow in Sun Down Bowl, we tracked out along the traverse until we got to a spot that looked nice. Then we did a couple of runs in China Bowl, including popping through the trees of Shangri-La. After skiing a few runs we headed back down the front for some tacos and enchiladas at Los Amigos at the base of the mountain. From here we got a nice view of people as they got in a little over their heads on Pepi's Face. The base of Vail steepens just a bit, and those who do not take the traverse around the steep face sometimes find themselves sliding down while their gear litters the run (otherwise known as a "yard sale"). It was a great day on the mountain, and we had a lot fun.

Sunday despite a great powder day on the slopes, I had plans for going hiking near Copper with my friends Tracy and Kevin. The trailhead had a few other people as well, but they were all going backcountry skiing. There was some great looking slopes, and I hope to someday head back to this same area for some skiing myself. The first maybe mile and a half is a road in summer, and leads to an old abandoned mine. We started snowshoeing up the road, breaking trail in close to a foot of new snow. Luckily underneath was well packed out as it is a popular area. We then decided to climb up to the ridge above us, which eventually leads to the summit of Atlantic Peak, one I climbed back in June. The steepening slopes were hard work to snowshoe through, and made for a nice work out. We got to the ridge proper and the wind and blowing snow were really ripping. We hiked part of the ridge, but decided the summit was not in the cards on this particular day with such windy conditions. We turned back around and snowshoed back down the slope and the road to the cars. I headed to Frisco for gas and a late lunch, but unfortunately my timing was the same as that of the mass exodus of skier traffic. It was bumper to bumper and not moving at all through Frisco. I ended up taking a few parking lot and side road shortcuts to bypass what I oould, but still found myself in the thick of it all. Luckily for me, I was going west when I got to the highway and only had to put up with the nightmare traffic for a few miles. I don't think I could ever see myself commuting from Denver every weekend to go skiing if it means dealing with this much traffic. Even back at my house at 9 o'clock the "traffic cams" on TV still were just a sea of headlights headed east. I don't know how you all do it who live there!