Winter Blast

It snowed again this weekend, this time the snow levels dropped a little bit lower, low enough in fact to get some accumulation in my town. Technically we did already see some snow in town in October, but only flurries, just a dusting really. This storm was much more significant; officially my town recorded 5 inches overnight Friday. During the day on Saturday we got a couple of more brief showers, and above 10,000’ it supposedly was quite a storm. In fact there were several accidents along I-70, and the road over Loveland Pass was closed a good portion of the day. Bad news for drivers, but with the major resorts starting to open (Copper’s first day was the 4th); it was definitely welcome on the slopes. Next week I should be getting my ski pass, and will probably start hitting the slopes next weekend, hard to believe isn’t it? With Saturday not being a good day to hike, white-outs on the trail aren’t exactly the most desirable of conditions, I decided to take care of a couple of home projects. First, I wanted to replace my kitchen faucet and add a water purifier line. It turned out to be pretty easy and straightforward, but it was a little difficult attaching the faucets to the sink deck. Between the sink bowl and the wall, and with all of the plumbing, it was just a tight work area. I also needed to add some new kick base, seeing as there was none under one of my cabinets. One other thing I was looking to do was to add a new light fixture. The one there was just too outdated, and was probably the original fixture in the place from when it was built 20 years ago. The new one looks great, compliments the other work I have done well, and is a lot brighter. I was very happy with my home improvements for the day. Today was a much sunnier day, and a lot of the snow we got in town melted off. What remains will probably melt tomorrow before the next predicted storms roll in on Tuesday. I still didn’t really get out today, just a few errands and to go out to lunch. All in all I guess it was a sort of lazy weekend, but I did at least get some things accomplished at home. There is still some more things I would like to do to my place, but that will have to wait until I have some more money!