Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! For the first time since I lived with my parents I actually had trick-or-treaters come to my house. I live in a building with a lot of kids, so I was expecting them, but I wasn’t sure how much candy to get. Last year I was still eating it in February because I didn’t give any of it away. This time I actually had to stop answering because I didn’t have anything left! I didn’t run out until 9 though, and it is a school night so they should be going to bed soon anyway.

This weekend I went down to Denver to visit my friends for Halloween. I stayed at Karlin and Wells’ new place on Saturday. That night we had tickets to go and see Liz Phair, but we did stop off and one of their friends’ costume parties on the way. Lots of great costumes, Karlin and Wells were Beetlejuice and Lydia, and a bunch of our friends went as a Jazzercise group, which was really funny. In general there were a lot of TV and movie inspired costumes this year. I went as Professor Chaos, which if you watch South Park is the alter-ego of the character Butters. When we went to the concert we were just about the only people in costumes, in fact we only saw two other people in costumes. It was kind of weird, most of the time concerts around Halloween you see a lot of people in costume, but for some reason not this time. The show was fun, she played a lot of her older songs which are the ones we like anyway. A couple of songs she even did acoustic, which was nice. After the show we met up with everyone at a different party, but by the time we got there it was already almost midnight. It was fun, we all hung out for a while and then we headed over to the local diner to get some food. We had a lot of fun people watching at the diner because pretty much every customer and all of the wait staff were wearing costumes. Its too bad we didn’t all get to spend more time hanging out together, but soon it will be ski season and we definitely be getting together a lot then. Sunday I went out to lunch with Karlin and Wells, did a little bumming around Denver and hung out watching TV back at their place. The drive back to my house was interesting, above 8000’ it was snowing! There were a surprising number of cars headed into the mountains too, which for a Sunday night is unusual. It must have been all of the people from the mountains that went to the Broncos game or something. There was a lot of snow packed sections of highway, particularly around the tunnel and Vail Pass. I did see a few cars off the road, but for the most part everyone just took it easy and drove pretty carefully. I am fortunate enough to have mud and snow rated tires and 4 wheel drive, a necessity up here. Soon enough it will be ski season, in fact I should be getting my season pass early next week, so the snow is actually a welcome sight.

Other than that, this past week the White Sox won the World Series, pretty amazing really! It had been so long since a Chicago team won, or even made into, the World Series. In fact the last time the Sox won Al Capone wasn’t even running illegal liquor operations yet, you know why? Prohibition hadn’t even started! It would have been nice to be in the city and enjoy the celebration first hand, but I have been getting all of the updates from my parents who went to a few games near the ballpark. Last year the Red Sox, this year the White Sox, I guess that can only mean one thing, the Cubs are going to win next season! It’s like all of the allegedly cursed teams are breaking the curses in reverse order.