Chicago Taking Over

This weekend the Cubs were in Denver which meant it was a great time for a Chicago Reunion, especially seeing as it’s so hard to get tickets to games at Wrigley. My friend Mike flew into Eagle on Thursday night, and we hung out locally before heading down to Denver. Friday we spent some time wandering the Vail Village, as well as checking out some of the finer local’s restaurants in Edwards. We also took the gondola up to the top of Vail for “Friday Afternoon Club”, our valley’s version of Happy Hour. The gondola is free after 4, and they set up some beer tents and have live music. We headed back down and had dinner in Edwards then stopped for a drink at our new Irish Pub in my town. Saturday we headed to Denver to meet up with our friends from back home Karlin and Wells who hosted a Chicago-Style hot dog party before the game. One of my old co-workers, Lucas, and his wife were also visiting for the game, and it was nice to catch up with him as I hadn’t seen him in almost a year. The game itself was a lot of fun, a lot of our Denver friends, some of which are also Chicago transplants, were there too and we had a group of about 15. Afterwards we headed back to the party and then off to bed. Sunday Mike and I went to the game again, and while both games were fun and exciting, the Cubs unfortunately lost them both. Sunday’s game had a few homeruns in the ninth though to make things interesting. It was a fun weekend, and it was great to catch up with all of the Chicago visitors, as well as with my Denver friends that I hadn’t seen much of this summer. Hopefully we will all get in one nice camping/hiking trip before the snow flies!

Monday it was back to work, but hey, Labor Day is coming soon so there is another day off on the horizon! Today after work I went for a nice bike ride up on Beaver Creek, starting in my town and riding up to the village then up the service road for a while. I wasn’t quite up to climbing all the way, so I took a turn onto one of the trails that traverses the mountain. Turned out to be a good idea as it was a wildlife viewing frenzy today! First there was a pair of deer grazing on trees from right in the middle of the trail. They didn’t seem to mind me, so I just stopped and watched them for a while. After a little bit, two more joined them. They were startled at first, but stuck around as the other two deer didn’t seem to mind me, so they figured I must be okay. They moved a little off the trail, and I started towards them slowly, they didn’t move! I passed within 3 feet of one of them on my bike, and all she did was turn and look, I think she would have eaten out of my hand if I had any food for her. A little further on the trail I saw 3 more deer, including a fawn that still had its white spots! I kept on the trail system, eventually seeing a marmot, fox and an eighth deer before heading back to the village. Quite and eventful little ride!