The New Place

I think I told most of you already that I was searching for a place to buy up here. It was a tough search, most of the places were too expensive and over the time of my search I probably only saw about 4 places that I could actually afford. I ended up settling on a 2 bedroom, and just closed on it last Thursday. Now it is down to business to get the place fixed up. Not that it needs much, but part of the fun of owning your own place is to add those personal touches. One of the things that had to go was all of the metal in the closets, metal shelves, rods, and doors. Unfortunately the metal doors were full height, and the standard ones are 80 inches, so I had to build 14 inch soffits in the closets. It was my first foray into carpentry, and didn’t turn out too bad. This week I will be heading back into the bedrooms to paint them, and then later I will build new wood shelving for the closets. Another thing I want to do is replace the carpet, but I have to finish all of the painting first. Even with drop cloths there is just too much of a risk for kicking over a paint bucket, or dropping a roller to want to paint over the new carpet. I also would like to tile the entry/dining area, and use the same tile to replace the tile in the kitchen and bath. That can wait until a little later, but still is something I want to finish before I move in. I have a lot of other ideas on the ole “wish list”, but a lot of those can wait until after I move in, and save up some more money. Things like a new refrigerator, or replacing the flush doors with nice 6-panel ones, that sort of stuff can wait. The most critical items are definitely the painting and flooring, as those are the things that are most difficult to do with furniture around. The second bedroom will be a nice addition, and now when people come to visit they won’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.

Between all of the work at the new place, and the rain and snow from this weekend, hiking unfortunately had to take a back seat. It didn’t snow in my town, but the snow line dropped Friday night to only about 7800 feet, so it didn’t miss us by much here. It snowed a good portion of the day in Vail actually, they are at 8150, and the slopes of the ski areas were left with a light coating that almost made it look like winter again. Of course now it is all gone again, and the temperatures should be in the mid 60’s most of the week. Next weekend I definitely plan on taking some time away from remodeling to get out on a hike, I just hope the weather is more cooperative. Snow this time of year is not that unusual though, especially at higher altitudes. The average temperatures on top of a 14,000 foot peak even in the middle of summer are only in the upper 40’s, and they regularly drop below freezing at night year round. In fact I have seen snow falling in every month I have lived here, not in my town of course, but some mornings on peak climbs there have been some flakes near the summits. You always have to be prepared for cold weather whenever you hike in the high country!