Making Progress

Finally the new place is starting to look like “home”. This weekend was a lot of work, and I still have a little bit more to finish up before I can officially move in, but it is definitely getting there. Sad to say, I didn’t get to go hiking, some things have to take a back seat to wrap up my home improvement projects I guess. Saturday I ran some errands, bought some more stuff for the new place, and then headed over there to paint. I managed to finish almost all of the painting that afternoon, in fact by the time I finished the first coat the wall I started with was already dry enough for a second coat. I finished the second coat except for the kitchen; I was running out of daylight and decided to call it quits. I love this dry Rocky Mountain air, the paint dries a lot faster! Sunday I made another trip to The Home Depot and got some wood for shelving, plywood for flooring underlayment, and a bunch of boxes of vinyl composite tile. Then I finished up the second coat of paint in the kitchen, and went out to get some lunch. I at least got to eat outside, my only real outdoor “activity” of the whole weekend, which was incredibly disappointing as it was so amazing outside. It was warm, mid 70’s in my area, and 90’s in Denver, and not a cloud in the sky all weekend. After lunch it was back to work, where I took care of all of the plywood underlayment, and then started to lay the VCT. I started in the kitchen, over the existing tile floor, and finished only that room on Sunday. There were a lot of cut tiles necessary around the cabinets, and also I didn’t want to put down the tile in the dining area until I was done with the shelving seeing as there would be a lot of sawdust.

At the end of the day on Sunday I pretty much had the bathroom and kitchen completely finished, and Monday I put on the cabinet knobs in the kitchen to finish those rooms out to “move in” condition. I now can start bringing stuff over, and already have brought some of the kitchen items that I do not need to use this week. Monday was also a day of cutting shelves; they are completely cut and now are just awaiting install on Tuesday. I did put together the supports for the entry closet, but still need to find a closet rod small enough. I am splitting the closet so it only has a 16 inch rod, and the rest is going to be dividers for a ski rack. I also have to install the shelves for the linen closet, which will have four and master bedroom, which will have a shelf and rod and a second higher shelf above for storage of some small boxes. After that it will be flooring time; finishing the vinyl tile for me, and then having the carpet installers in later this week, hopefully Thursday if everything is delivered in a timely fashion. It has been a lot of time and money, but it is really coming along well. I can’t wait to be finished so I can start hiking again!