Sweet Home, Chicago

I’m sure most of you already know that I was back home last weekend, especially seeing as I saw most of you when I was there. It was another hectic whirlwind trip back home; I’m going to start needing to take a day off when I get back to Colorado just to recover. I got in on Thursday, which was my nephew’s 7th birthday. We took him out to dinner, opened presents, and had some cake and birthday cookie. It was also my dad’s birthday the day before, so it was really a joint celebration. Friday my nephew had to go to school and everyone else had to work so I spent the day hanging out with my mom. We had lunch, walked around some stores, and picked up my sister and nephew as their days’ responsibilities ended. My sister had to work at the restaurant that night, but the rest of us headed off to see the Sox game. The Sox won, and we had a really good time watching the game, but that wasn’t the only activity of the night. The park is host to “Fundamentals”, an interactive training area for kids with batting cages, pitching and fielding clinics. My nephew spent pretty much from the 5th inning on up there playing, mostly I was up there with him, then later my dad came up to give me some time to watch the game. The funny thing is my mom got to see the whole game, but she doesn’t even like the Sox.

Saturday I headed into the city, first for a sushi happy hour lunch with some of my friends. It was nice to get to visit with them at one of our old favorites. It was a short visit though, as I had to get ready for a wedding that was later that afternoon. This wedding was unusual for me in a couple of ways. For one I am friends with the bride and groom, where most of the weddings I have been to are family weddings. It was also the first wedding I had been to where I had dated the bride. Josie and I dated a few years back, and I will admit it was a little odd to see her getting married. It was great though, we have stayed friends since, and it was great to see her so happy. I also used to work with her cousin (who was the maid of honor) before I moved out here, and a lot of the other guests were people I am good friends with too so it was a really fun time. Josie and Zac looked so happy, and also so relieved that all the months of planning had finally come together so successfully. They are now on a much deserved honeymoon in Mexico, I hope you are having a blast! Congratulations again!

After the wedding I met up with some of my friends at a bar in Lincoln Park, some of us then also had breakfast together on Sunday, before I met another friend for lunch, and then had to catch a train to the ‘burbs to head over to my Aunt’s house and meet my family for dinner. It was like all I did was eat on Sunday! That’s Chicago for you, great food, great people, and no time to see them all. Monday started out much more relaxing, as my mom and I took my sister to work, walked around the mall a bit, had lunch, and then her and my dad took me to the airport. The flight was thankfully early getting back to Denver, and my 2 hour plus drive to the mountains was smooth and virtually traffic free except for a little bit of Denver’s lingering rush hour. Even so, between the flight and drive I didn’t get home until 8, and 12 hours later I was back at work. I had a great time despite the hectic schedule, and I’m sorry to anyone that I missed when I was out there, and to others for not being able to spend more time with you. Up here the snow is melting, the days are warming (its supposed to be 70 over the weekend) and the landscape is turning green. Despite all that, it still snowed this morning; though just a few flakes, before warming up to 60 by the end of the day. That is spring in the Rockies for you!