Winter "Officially" Over

Of course I don’t have to tell all of you back home that, I heard it was 80 out there today. Sunday marked the end of the season here in the valley as Vail closed. Most of the resorts are now closed, but Loveland Basin is open until May 1, and Arapahoe Basin is scheduled to be open to at least June 4, weather permitting. It’s amazing how late they are able to stay open every year, but then again their base elevation is over 10,500 feet above sea level, so winter lingers a little longer 2 miles up. The valley is definitely feeling spring like, 60 degree days, green grass, and budding trees are the norm here, while the snow slowly recedes at the higher elevations. I didn’t actually get on the mountain at all this weekend, but with close to 35 days on the slopes, it was okay. Friday I actually got to go to the Nuggets game in Denver, our contractor on one of the projects I am working on invited the project team to their box. The game was fun and they won. When they get their fast break going it is really a sight to see, when you watch it on TV you just don’t get the sense of how fast it really is. It’s basically 2 or 3 quick passes and then a dunk or layup all within a 5 second span. Afterwards I headed over to my friends’ Karlin and Wells house where we hung out with a few beers, fresh baked cookies, and a few rounds of Uno with Jake, Sara and Chad. Then on Saturday we went out for brunch and then Karlin and I bummed around downtown while Wells and Chad went to look at a car. It was fun, a nice and low key start to the weekend. Then I headed back up into the mountains where we were having a Snoop Dogg concert in Vail. They estimate about 10,000 people were here, which considering the town has a population of only about 4500, is quite a big crowd! It was probably about the whitest crowd he has ever played for I am sure. It was a little hard to hear him rap with the bass pumped up so high, but he did play a couple of songs I recognized, like Gin and Juice of course. I went with my friends Ben and Erica, and afterward we tried to look for a place to hang out in the village. The whole village was just full of people, all the bars were ridiculously crowded, and we just ended up heading back to our town instead. Apparently this weekend was good for a lot of the Vail businesses, with all the people in town the restaurants were full for dinner and the bars were all full after the concert. Sunday I would have headed up to ski for the last day of the season, but we had a deadline of noon on Monday to submit to the local design review board and I ended up going in to work instead. I guess I will have to wait until next November to ski at Vail again, but it was a good season, and I am looking forward to getting back up and climbing some more peaks real soon!