Spring Starts

Its Spring Break time in the mountains, and the visitors aren’t just the college kids. Two of my friends from back home, Mike and Katie, came up to visit this past weekend. They actually flew in last week and stayed with our friends Karlin and Wells for a couple of days before all four of them drove up for a weekend of skiing at Beaver Creek. It was great that decided to stay in my town, it gave me a chance to show them my new area, and of course to hang out with them. Saturday we met on the mountain, for Katie this was her first time skiing, and she spent the day in ski school. She did great, and we were all impressed with how fast she picked it up when we got to ski with her on Sunday. The rest of the us all headed up to the top. Mike was glad to not have the hard icy slopes of Wisconsin for once, and get on some great real snow! The difference is first felt, quite literally, when one takes their first fall, and surprisingly it doesn’t hurt. I know from experience myself, believe me. Mike hadn’t been riding in about 2 years, and after a few runs he was really getting back into it. We all had a great time, and rejoined with Katie at the end of the day to head back to town, and get ready to hang out in Vail. We spent some time walking around the village, checking out some of the shops and getting some dinner in town. We went to Vendetta’s, an Italian restaurant, and had a really nice dinner together before heading back to their hotel to play a round of Simpsons Clue. Turns out Homer did it, in the Comic Book Shop, with an Extend-O-Glove… who knew?

Sunday it was back on the slopes, I took a few runs by myself in the morning, before meeting up with everyone else, including some our other friends from Denver who were up for the day. With one day of lessons under her belt, it was time to graduate to the upper slopes of the mountain for Katie. One of the nicest things about Beaver Creek is that some of their easiest terrain is accessed from the very top of the mountain. This means even those new to the sport get the chance to be up at 11,000 feet enjoying the view of the valleys below and mountains beyond. Katie did great, her turns looked really good, and I think she really had a great time. I’m really glad that it worked out so well, those first few days on skis can be really tough, especially dealing with those medieval torture devices they call ski boots on your feet. We finished off the day with lunch at the Chophouse before my visitors had to head back to Denver to beat the incoming snows. It figures that it would snow right after the ski day ended, in fact both Vail and Beaver Creek got close to a foot overnight, and we got about 5 in town. So much for the first day of spring, huh? Even though it was only for two days, it was great to get to visit with Mike and Katie up here, and I hope they will make a pilgrimage to the mountains a regular trip.
In other news its March Madness time again, and it’s just as mad as ever. Several of the contenders for the Final Four, including Syracuse and media darling Wake Forest are going to be watching the rest of the tournament on television. Surprisingly my bracket isn’t that bad, in fact I had Wake losing to West Virginia. Now that Syracuse is out, it really doesn’t matter to me that much who wins, I think I would be happiest if a conference co-member kept the trophy in the conference. The last two national champions have been from the Big East, maybe we can make it three in a row