Spring Picnic

I just noticed that last week I didn’t post any update, sorry about that. It was pretty much the usual, skiing on the weekend, work during the week. This week was no different. Saturday I spent the day skiing at Beaver Creek with my friends Ben and Erica. Mostly we stayed on the groomed runs, but occasionally when there was a nice mogul run Ben and I would veer off that way. We explored a good amount of the resort, including spending a few runs in Bachelor Gulch which we never make it over to. There are a lot of nice cruisers over there, and a couple of runs through the aspens. They actually had a lot more of the mountain groomed than usual, Ben made the comment that it looked an old man who had lost all his hair. We had lunch at the Beaver Creek Chophouse where it was sunny and warm and we sat outside watching people come down the slopes. They have good food, and the prices are no more that what the on-mountain dining costs, and to be honest the $10 chicken sandwich is better than the $8 chili on the mountain anyway.

Sunday we met up again, this time at Vail. The plan was to meet over at Belle’s Camp, which is at the top of Blue Sky Basin for lunch. The thing is, there is no restaurant at the top of Blue Sky, or anywhere in Blue Sky for that matter. What Belle’s Camp does have is two public grilles. Its quite the scene actually, there are a lot of people who bring their own food and grill it, sometimes even sharing it with strangers. We had a wide variety of food in our group, brats, hot dogs, steaks, and even tuna, not the kind from the can of course. All you need is a backpack to carry stuff up, and you’re set. The views from there are great, as you are all the way in the back of Vail and have panoramic views of the Sawatch and Tenmile mountain ranges including 14er Mount of the Holy Cross. With all the sun and warm temperatures, we ended up hanging out up there for about an hour and half, leaving only when Blue Sky was getting ready to close at 3. It made for a nice mountain top picnic, and really economic way to have lunch on the slopes. It’s been quite spring-like up here the last couple of days with highs in the 40s in the valley and sunny. This made it perfect picnic at Belle’s weather, and I look forward to doing it again before the end of the season.

Otherwise the college basketball regular season wrapped up with a bang this weekend, especially today with previously undefeated Illinois falling to Ohio State. Actually, if they are looking to win a title, this loss probably did them good as teams that enter the tournament undefeated rarely have much success. Most of them don’t even make it out of the Sweet Sixteen. This also completes a season where Syracuse never lost to an unranked team, in fact with Illinois’ loss, they are the only team to not lose to an unranked team for the whole season. Of course, they didn’t beat too many ranked teams, and the tournament seeding always puts a lot of stock in “who you beat”. At least the teams we lost to are good, hopefully that counts for something.