Back inbounds

Well the good news is that is currently snowing here, we have had maybe 1-2 inches so far in town, hopefully it will continue all night! We need it too, I met up with my friends Wells, Erica and Pete at Keystone this weekend, and we actually saw dirt in some places. This is February, I don't want to see dirt until May, especially under a chair lift... It was still a lot of fun, of course a bad day on the slopes beats a good day pretty much anywhere else. Some of the groomed runs had some pockets of good snow, especially close to the edges, but there were still patches of ice, and some of the runs that don't have snowmaking had a few bare spots. The one or two mogul runs I went down were hard as a rock, it was almost like being back in the East coast again. Things should shape up though, especially if this storm is a good one. We had a lot of fun hanging out, usually when we meet up on the slopes there is a huge group of us, it was nice to be smaller. We were actually a group of 6 as two of Pete's co-workers were there with us as well, but we normally are at least 8-10 people when we go up. After we were done on the slopes, we went down to the village to relax in the sun and have some lunch. It was cold on the mountain most of the morning in the clouds, but the sun in the village was warm and it was really comfortable sitting outside with the view of the mountains around us. It was a nice relaxing day, but unfortunately my choice in sports teams to root for made the rest of the weekend less relaxing. First, Syracuse basketball barely squeeked out a win over Notre Dame, surviving missing their final 4 free throws and a buzzer beater attempt to hold on and win by 3. Then Syracuse alum Donovan McNabb and the Eagles struggled to convert their opportunities and fell to the Patriots with poor clock management, and a few bad plays. Tonight wasn't any easier as UConn just beat Syracuse. Hopefully these recent struggles will teach them where there weaknesses are so they can fix them before tournament time. But hey, as long as the flakes are flying up here, I am happy person tonight.