Taking it easy

I went to Beaver Creek again Saturday, my friend Drew from work and I headed up there. The snow wasn't too great so we took it kind of easy. I think its been kind of warm and sunny, but then colder at night, so its melting the snow a bit during the day, and then re-freezing at night. It wasn't really icy, just hard packed in spots, especially in where it was in the shade. We spent most of our day hanging around the top of the mountain because one of our other friends from work, Brian, was racing in a boarder-cross up there. Basically what a boarder-cross is, is four people race down a course together and the heat winners advance. His first heat he got clipped and fell to third, but the second heat he won. He worked his way through the ranks to the final heat, where he was leading until he got clipped again, he and the two guys behind him both fell, and the guy who was fourth ended up winning the race. Brian did make the podium though, finishing in third. He should have won, but its part of the race, when you are packed in that tight on the turns, jockeying for position, you are bound to get clipped. You can watch the "pros" race next weekend on the X-Games to get an idea what I am talking about. It was a fun day of skiing, we took it pretty easy, mostly skiing on the groomed runs to avoid the hard as a rock moguls. We even went and checked out "Park 101", a terrain park for beginners. Its funny, all the people in it are either little kids or people out of college. I guess all the teenagers already know what they are doing in the parks. Park 101 has smaller features, closer to the ground, and wider. I went off the two table-top rails they had, but kept my skis forward, normally rail slides are done sideways. The one that I tried sideways my skis just washed out from under me and I slid across on my hips instead of my skis. It was a nice introduction though, I don't see myself as becoming a terrain park guy, but its nice to still have new things to learn after all these years on skis.

In sports news, Syracuse is now 19-1 in basketball, matching their best start in school history. They have a chance to be the first team to win 20 on the season with their game at Rutgers on Monday night. Today are the NFL conference championships, I am looking forward to watching my fellow alum Donovan McNabb, hopefully he can get to the Super Bowl. He has lost 3 straight conference championships, but this year the team is better, more confident, and healthier (except for Terrell Owens). If they win, I guess I am going to have to have a Super Bowl party!