More Visitors

This past weekend I had my parents in town for a visit. We spent a lot of our time shopping in the villages at Vail and Beaver Creek, seeing as they don’t ski. Of course there is only so much shopping I can take when literally steps from a world class resort, so I had to go up for a couple of runs. After lunch on Saturday I got a handful of runs in on Vail Mountain, and then after 2pm when the Gondola is free to pedestrians, my parents were able to come up and see the world from the top of the ski resort. We had been up the gondola over the summer, so it was nice to give them the chance to compare summer and winter at the top. There were a lot more people in winter than in summer, and they had traded their bikes for skis and snowboards, but the view was still spectacular. After hanging out in the sun and checking out the view, we all headed back down, them in the gondola, and me skiing underneath. It was the first time they had seen me ski since I was too young to drive and they had to drive me to the ski areas back east. That night was my company’s Christmas Party, and my parents got to go as my guests and meet all of my co-workers. We had a White Elephant gift giving at the party, which was a lot of fun. Some of the gifts were more of the “gag” variety, but there were a few good ones in there that made their way around the room. For those who don’t know how it works at a White Elephant, people pick presents from the table in order of numbers drawn from a hat. When your turn comes up, you can either pick a wrapped present, or steal someone else’s. If your present gets stolen, you can either steal another or pick a new wrapped one. To limit time, there was a stealing presents limit of three. Sunday we went to Beaver Creek Village, had some peppermint hot chocolate and were entertained by the beginner lessons at the base of the resort. Our firm did several buildings there, so I got to show a few of them to my parents while we were there. We then took a drive over to Breckenridge for dinner, over the summer we spent a day in the Breckenridge area and I thought it would be nice to take them there so they could compare the two seasons. Monday was back to work for me, but my parents headed over to Glenwood Springs for the afternoon. It was a good visit, and even though I am going home for Christmas next week, it was a good time for them to come out and see the valley in winter, for one it’s not as cold, and the whole place is decorated for Christmas. For a pair of non-skiers, this was the perfect time to visit.