Holiday Cheer

Where to start? It was quite the busy holiday! I left my place on Wednesday night and had dinner with Karlin and Wells and our friends Erica, Sara, Jake and Pete. I stayed at their place that night so I wouldn’t have to get up so early to get to the airport. Well, much to my dismay the long term parking was pre-pay, can you imagine? I mean it takes all of about 15 seconds to take a ticket, but it took almost 4 minutes to pre-pay, per car. That delay was one I could not afford, and even though I would have been at my gate an hour early, I missed my plane by less than five minutes. It wasn’t too bad, I got standby on the next flight (an hour later), and it was a better plane, a 777, which meant I got to watch Shark Tale on the flight. So I made it home okay, just a little later than expected, and my dad and nephew picked me up at the airport. Thursday was pretty much an easy day, we had lunch, relaxed at home and did some last minute shopping at Circuit City. Friday was wrapping presents day (I can’t bring them on the plane wrapped), and setting up the apartment time. My parents got a new condo, so I was helping to arrange furniture with my dad, which took us to about 8.30 at night, and we hadn’t had dinner yet. Of course, it being Christmas Eve, the only place open to eat were the Chinese restaurants, so we had dinner there. Saturday was Christmas, we picked up my Aunt, went to the cemetery to visit my grandparents, and then picked up my sister and nephew and went back for presents. This was Christmas Part 2 (of 3) for my nephew, he had already had presents from his mom and Santa, and still had to head over to daddy’s later. After presents we watched The Simpsons on DVD (courtesy of my sister’s gift to me), and had dinner, it was probably one of the first meals cooked in the new place. Then we sat around digesting and talking before taking everyone back home.

Sunday I went downtown and met up with my friend Mike for pizza and some shopping, there weren’t really any good deals downtown, and if their were, nothing was really worth it anyway. We went over to Reckless Records instead, which had much better music selection than my local choices, and I got a couple of used CDs. Later we went out for sushi at Rise with my friend Chris and his girlfriend Krista. It was really good, they have a few interesting specialty rolls, including one with charred provolone cheese on top (sounds weird, but its great, its called “Fire Roll”). After dinner it was off to Sheffield’s where we later met up with Alex, Vallary and Pete. It was nice to see everyone again, its too bad it couldn’t have been a longer visit, but with the holidays and everything, that is how it goes I guess. Monday my mom and sister and I took my nephew to Winter Wonder Fest at Navy Pier. It wasn’t that much fun for the adults, but Evan seemed to like it. He got to ride a few rides, and decorate a cookie. We also took him to Build-A-Bear workshop, and he got to pick out a bear, stuff it to his desired softness, and buy clothes for it. Its really a cool store, the bears are not that expensive ($10-25), but the clothes and accessories can add up. Tuesday’s return was uneventful, in fact O’Hare was a piece of cake, no lines for the Easy Check-In, and security only took about 10 minutes. The drive up to the mountains was dry, and didn’t have a lot of traffic. I did finally find out why the lot was pre-pay, it was an overflow lot, and they only have people attending it when they need it, so Tuesday there were no attendants there. It’s still a pain, and I think next time I am going to investigate other options. Hope you all had a great holiday, and I’ll talk to you in the New Year, be safe!