Dumpsville (in a good way...)

The message I posted Thanksgiving night mentioned that it had just started snowing late Thursday evening; well I don’t think it has stopped since! Well, at least not at the resort. Here in town we got a few breaks during the day on Friday, and it’s not snowing here now, but even we got our fair share, I would estimate it at about 15 inches total. This morning before skiing I had to clean about 8 inches off the car just from last night! Total, as of this morning’s ski report we got 26” at Beaver Creek and about 21” at Vail since Thursday. It has been snowing almost all day though, and expected to linger through the early afternoon tomorrow, so I expect another 6 plus easily to be added on to those numbers before all is said and done. Hmmm, I wonder what I spent my weekend doing? Well I went golfing.

No I’m kidding, skiing of course! Saturday I met Wells and Karlin up at Keystone with a large part of the Denver clan. I think at one point we were about 14 people! It was good, they had about 3 inches Friday, and it snowed all day Saturday while we were there. They have been expanding their terrain openings, so there were a few new runs open Saturday that had not been open all year. We had a great time, and afterwards went out to dinner in Dillon, a sort of early birthday celebration for Wells, whose birthday is today (Sunday), Happy Birthday! I was hoping to join them in Breck today to get some runs in, but with our foot plus of snow overnight at higher elevations, I decided Vail Pass was not going to be a good idea. I had driven it the night before, and it was already starting to pick up about 4-6 inches of snow. I was able to go to Beaver Creek today though, we are fortunate to not have our local passes blacked out today like they were Friday and Saturday. That was great news, as the mountain reported 12” as of 6am on their snow report, and I’m sure another inch or two fell before the 9am lift openings. So what does over a foot of fresh snow mean? Why powder of course! They opened Ripsaw and Cataract, two black diamond runs off the Rose Bowl lift, and before they got tracked out and bumped up we had knee deep powder! It’s a good thing those runs are steep, or you wouldn’t be able to move! In fact the access to the runs was ungroomed, flat in spots, and just as deep. I fell about 3 times just from lack of momentum in the deep snow, and believe me its hard to get up when your poles sink 2/3 of their length into the snow! Thw snowboarders had an even harder time… no poles. Over on the runs themselves the snow was amazing, and so much fun to ski, when you get moving. The depth was causing its share of problems though, I stopped a couple of times to help some people get back up, and even to try and find lost equipment. One of the kids lost his ski near the bottom of the run and it took his family over an hour to find it buried underneath! Now some of you may cringe at the idea of 2 feet of snow in 2 1/2 days, but it was just what the doctor ordered here. We should be able to get a lot more of the mountain open after the ski patrol gets their chance to make sure its safe. This week should be dry, but cold, so at least the roads will all get a chance to get cleaned up, which is good news as I am supposed to head to Crested Butte on Wednesday for a project meeting.

On another note, congratulations to Syracuse’s football program, they trounced Boston College (those ACC-bound traitors…) 43-17 to force a 4-way tie with Syracuse, BC, West Virginia and Pittsburgh for Big East Champions. How funny would it be if Syracuse ends up with the conference’s BCS bid at 6-5? To be honest, I’d rather they didn’t, it would be better for them to play their bowl game against a more equally matched opponent, rather than have to face someone like Auburn, Miami or even Utah in a BCS bowl…