Action Packed Weekend

It was a fun filled weekend, it started out with day 2 on the slopes, Copper just opened this weekend, and they did a good job of making enough snow to almost get top to bottom skiing open. They still had essentially one run, technically it was three different runs (and two lifts), but they are all stacked on top of each other. From the top, which is a run called Ptarmigan, there was about 850 vertical to the next run which was Rhapsody/ Main Vein, which added another 1400 vertical back to the base. All in all it was over 2200 vertical feet of skiing, more than most of the resorts on the east coast I used to ski at in High School. It was great, because it meant less time in lift lines, and more time skiing. The conditions were good, some natural snow at the top section, below the chairlift the black diamond runs (that were closed) looked to have about 2 feet of snow, so hopefully with a few more storms they will be opening more terrain soon! Even though it was just one run, I did about 15 total runs (mostly just the top section) and really started getting back into form. My mechanics felt great, the turns, pole plants, body position… all of it was starting to feel really comfortable again. I can’t wait until December when the Back Bowls at Vail open, I’ll be ready!

After that I went back home, checked some quick college football scores (Syracuse won in Double OT), and packed up to head out to Denver for the rest of the weekend. My friends Karlin and Wells, who of course most of you know, were going to the Wilco concert in Denver, so I thought I would head down and try and scrounge a ticket. It worked out great, one of their friends who was going to the show and ended up having an extra ticket. The show was great, they sound really good together, and you can really tell when you are listening to a good group of musicians. They had images projected during the show, some of which were of Lake Shore Drive (Wilco being from Chicago), and they showed the building Wells used to live at in Chicago, it was cool! I’m glad I got to go to the show, it was sold out, so if it wasn’t for the extra ticket, who knows? I stayed at Karlin and Wells’ apartment, and then today they had a brunch at their apartment with all of their new Denver friends, so I got to meet a lot of great new people. I’m sure we will all be seeing a lot of each other this winter, as they are all skiers or snowboarders and will be heading up to the resorts plenty of times this season. After the brunch we went to the park and hung out with some football and frisbee tossing, and I got to meet all of their friends’ dogs too. Tons of people out here have dogs, most of which are really great, friendly, and chilled out dogs that don’t bark at everything in sight. It was a fun weekend, and I’m sure there will plenty more of those!