2 mountains, 2 runs

Well the resorts keep opening, despite our overall lack of snow. This weekend Vail, Beaver Creek, and Crested Butte all opened. I'm not sure what trails opened at CB, but locally, Vail only opened one run (Born Free), and Beaver Creek also only had one run open (Gold Dust). Saturday was Beaver Creek's first day, so I went there for the opening day festivities which included live music at the base of the lift, free cookies and hot chocolate/coffee in the lift line, and a chocolate chip cookie contest in the village in the afternoon. It wasn't crowded at all, the lift line was basically non-existent the entire day, and with a 2100 vertical foot slope open, I was able to get 17 laps in, for a total of over 35,000 vertical feet in my day. You can't get too excited over one run, and after 17 runs you really start to learn it well. I chalked the day up to "conditioning". To give you an example of how much a 35,000' day is, Devil's Head in Wisconsin has about 500 verical feet, it would take 70 runs there to equal 35,000'. There are a lot of people here who don't think it is worth it to head up for one run on man-made snow, guess they are "spoiled" by all of the good snow the rest of year. To them I say this "at least I'll be in shape when the rest of the mountain opens!". We have been getting snow this weekend, although very little, just a couple of inches yesterday, and a couple more today. We really need snow to measured in feet to get the resorts to expand terrain openings. Arizona is getting 2 feet of snow today, maybe we'll get lucky and the storm will track towards us the next couple of days, but I doubt it...

Also this past week the college basketball really started to get rolling. Syracuse advanced to the Championship of the Coaches vs. Cancer Thursday with a gritty win over 12th ranked Mississippi State. They sealed the game by opening the second half on a 11-0 run. They then went on to win the Championship Friday with a solid win over #23 Memphis. The game had its ups and downs, but Syracuse consistently led most of the game, and stretched it out with a late run to secure the win. Hopefully this is the first of many Championships this year, but at least we are off to a good start, and showing that we deserve our #6 ranking. We should move up this week, as #3 North Carolina was upset by Santa Clara, Top Five, here we come!