Life in 1918

In honor of the Red Sox breaking their 86 year drought, I thought I would share some facts with you about life in 1918:

Women did not yet have the right to vote.
The 18th Amendment (Commonly known as “Prohibition”) was voted on and passed by Congress.
Woodrow Wilson was the President.
Airmail was first begun using 6 decommissioned planes from WWI.

World News:
World War I ended in November.
The Bolshevik’s killed Tsar Nicholas II along with his empress and 5 children, ushering in the beginning of The Soviet Union.
Poland was not yet a country.
Ireland was still a single country.

Antibiotics had not yet been discovered, Penicillin was discovered in 1928.
Jonas Salk, the man who would go on to create the Polio Vaccine, was only 4 years old.

Pop Culture:
Movies were still “silent”, and would remain so until 1927. Charlie Chaplin was one of the most popular stars.
There were no national radio stations, and baseball would not be broadcast on radio until 1923.
Television was not invented yet.
Raggedy Ann was first produced.
The first Fortune Cookie was produced.
The New York Times began home delivery service.
“Gray’s Anatomy” was first published.
Traffic Lights did not yet exist.

A newspaper cost about 2 cents.
The Dow Jones Index averaged about 75 points that year (it now regular tops 10,000).

Famous Births:Spiro Agnew, Ted Williams, Ann Landers, Betty Ford, Joey Bishop, William Holden, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sam Walton

The NFL, NBA, and NHL did not exist.
Boston beat the Cubs in 6 games for the World Series, with Babe Ruth pitching a shutout for Boston in Game 1.
Wrigley Field was only 4 years old, and Fenway Park was only 6.
The Winter Olympics had never occurred, they started in 1924.

Hopefully the Cubs will win next year, and I can come up with a similar list for 1908!

PS- It’s snowing here right now :)