Vacation Time!

My sister and her boyfriend Dan arrived safely on Friday. Seeing as I was at work all day, they decided to check out a few things in Denver and they went on a tour of Coors Field, and then over to Golden to take the tour of Coors Brewery as well. Then they drove up into the mountains and we all went out to dinner.

Saturday, we started off with a walk around the Vail Village, having lunch and doing some souvenir shopping. Unfortunately the weather called for some scattered showers throughout the afternoon. We decided to go on a little driving tour, but kept getting caught in the showers as we went. First we drove up to the top of Vail Pass, where we got off the highway to take a drive over Shrine Pass Road, a dirt road that goes around the back of Vail to the town of Red Cliff. There were a couple of places along the way that we got out to take pictures. The road is good, and would be easily passable in most passenger cars. It gives a taste of what it is like to be out in the wilderness, but without having to hike to do so. We got to see a couple of deer along the way too, and there are views of Mt of The Holy Cross, which you cannot see from any other road. When we got to Red Cliff we continued south over Tennessee Pass to the old mining city of Leadville. There we got a little break from the rain and went for a walk around town. In one of the gift stores we got to talking to the shop’s owner, who was a bit of a history buff. He told us all kinds of interesting things about Leadville, how Doc Holliday shot the last man he ever shot there before dying of Tuberculosis in Glenwood Springs, and how the Unsinkable Molly Brown profited from mining and prostitution. Though never legal, prostitution helped pave the city’s streets because the city government would only fine them, and used that money to fund improvements to the town. Also during prohibition, it was never enforced, and one could openly drink at the towns many saloons. It’s not at all a wild town like in its past, but it was really interesting to hear about its lawless days.

We concluded our driving loop by going over Fremont Pass to Copper, but unfortunately at this point it was raining, and the clouds were encircling the peaks, so we didn’t get any opportunities to get out of the car and take pictures along the way. On the return over Vail Pass the rain actually mixed in with a little snow above 10,000 feet, nothing was sticking though. We then had dinner and came back to my house and watched some movies. This morning we woke up to see that the snow above 10,000 feet did begin to stick, as the top of Beaver Creek has snow on it, but not much as you can still see the grass through it. I hope this means we are going to have a really good ski season! It is supposed to be 60 and sunny today, so the snow will all melt by tomorrow. It was a short summer I guess, the last time there was new snowfall sticking on the resort was Memorial Day. I guess here the summer really is Memorial Day to Labor Day.