Sanford and Son

Odd reference I know, but I did see a red fox today on my bike ride. I had an interesting ride, I started out from my house, and climbed up the village road to Beaver Creek Village. There I took a short break to catch my breath and have some water, admiring the fall colors on the ski slopes. Then I continued to climb up the dirt access road that goes to Allie's Cabin, which is an on-mountain high-end dining experience only open by reservation. There is single-track trail here that cuts across the mountain, rising slowly towards Red Tail Camp at an elevation of 8800 feet. From town, that means I climbed about 1400 feet on my bike. Quite a workout, but worth it as I saw a fox, a beaver, and 3 deer, one of which was a buck whose antlers were growing in quite nicely. One of the deer stayed on the side of the trail only about 5 feet away from me as I went by. It was cool, usually they hear something coming and run away, but this one was brave. From Red Tail Camp, I took the Village-To-Village trail towards Bachelor Gulch. The trail winds through an aspen forest which at this time of the year was a brilliant yellow, and the trail was scattered with fallen yellow leaves. I took the "short cut", a trail called Stack It, that leads back to Beaver Creek Village. The trail is fun, its mostly down hill as it switches back across the ski runs below the Strawberry Park chairlift. After that it was just a quick descent back down the bike path that parallels the village road back to town, and back home. It was a lot of fun, I had done a lot of these trails throughout the summer, but with the fall colors and the wildlife foraging for their evening meal, this was the most enjoyable