Part of History

It was a pretty exciting game last night, the seats I had were great, nice view along the right field foul line. I got to witness a little bit of history, Nomar had his first Cubs double, and Sammy hit a 436 foot 3 run homer to tie the game, and Reggie Jackson for 8th all-time. It was a fun game in the late innings when both teams got hot on offense. Of course that made the game run a little longer than I had hoped, it didn't end until after 10.30, and by the time I got back home (100 miles away) it was almost 1. It was worth it though! Too bad it wasn't a weekend series so I could have gone to more games. There were a ton of Cubs fans there, especially in my section, I guess they wanted to be behind Sosa too. I got a couple of "nice shirt"s for the Harry Carey shirt. It was definitely a Cubs game, just like at home, there were several rowdy drunken Cubs fans, but they didn't embarass themselves too bad... Today was another good game, the Cubs pulled out the sweep, their first at Coors Field. Hopefully they will keep it up the rest of the season, they lead the Wild Card race now, go Cubs!