One Less Burden

I finally have sold my condo in Chicago. I got an offer on it in late July, and we came to an agreement on price and everything and set it up to close in late August. Well, it is all done with now, the closing was Monday, it went smooth, and I got my check today. I am glad to be rid of it from the standpoint of not having to pay for two places, but it is a little sad too. It was my first place that I owned, and obviously the most expensive thing I had ever bought. I am so happy to not have the extra expense though, I guss I can afford to eat better than mac and cheese, hot dogs, and Lipton noodles and sauce! Most of the money I made will be put into savings for a future place, but there will be some fun purchases too, I want to get a new CD player for the car, a ski rack, and a rock climbing harness for starters.
In other news, my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit me for Labor Day! It will be alot of fun showing them around, and we already have plans of spending one of the days in Steamboat Springs, which is a town I have never been too, so there will be a new experience in it for me too. I'll tell you all about it soon, in the mean time, have a great week everyone.