Touring the Villages

Happy 4th everyone. My parents made it into town safely on Thursday, and after I got off of work we all went over to the Beaver Creek Rodeo. They have a rodeo every Thursday during the summer. It was fun, they had the usual; like bareback, bull riding and barrel racing, and then there were the “amateur” events. There was this one thing called Mutton Bustin', where little kids, like 3-6 years old, try and ride a sheep without falling off. The winner had a time of 2.2 seconds. The other event was Burro Racing, where teams of three (one rides, one pulls, one pushes) race donkeys around the arena for a prize. It was pretty funny, the donkeys didn’t want to move at all.

Friday I had a half day, and in the afternoon we drove over to Breckenridge so I could show my parents around the town there. They really liked the village, and there was even some free entertainment for the holiday weekend we could sit and check out. In the early evening we went for a drive over Boreas Pass Road. Originally it was a rail line that connected Breckenridge to South Park, but after the rail was abandoned it was later turned into a dirt road. It’s not a 4-Wheel Drive road, and is easily passable for most passenger cars. At the summit, the old Crew House for the railroad is still standing, renovated, and on the National Register of Historic Places. At one time there were something like 150 residents and a post office there, but those are all gone. The drive down afforded excellent views into South Park, then we headed back to Breckenridge via Hoosier Pass in time to watch the sunset over Dillon Reservoir.

Today we spent the day in Vail, first taking the Gondola up to the top and then hiking along the top and over to Mid-Vail before descending on the chairlift. We saw a lot of mountain bikers, some all decked out in their protective gear for a thrilling ride down the 1994 World Championship course. Also along our hike, we saw a deer, having lunch on what in the winter would be one of the ski runs. It was kind of weird being up there like that with no snow and no skiers. It actually kind of made we want it to be winter so I could go skiing. We then had lunch in the village and my mom did some souvenir shopping, before heading back to my house. We are now just resting up a bit, before dinner and then over to the town park for fireworks. I’m sure there not the same as the ones over Lake Michigan, but they are supposed to be the most impressive show in the mountains, and some 20,000 plus people attend. Impressive, considering there are only 5500 full time residents in the whole town of Avon. Well enjoy your holidays!