Parent's Visit - Part 2

My parents just left today, we had a good time though! Sunday I took them on a driving tour, through Leadville, over Independence Pass (for Independence Day), walked around Aspen, and we also saw a couple of ghost towns. One was Indpendence, named for a gold strike on Independence Day of 1879, and the other was Ashcroft. Both were pretty cool, lots of 100+ year old abandoned wood buildings, some have been repaired though, you can tell by the round nails. Back when the buildings were first constructed nails were only made with square heads, but alot of the structures we saw had round ones. At one time Ashcroft had as many as 2500 people living there, but when the railroad made its way to Aspen, Aspen boomed, and Ashcroft faded. It was too tough to get railroad to their remote rugged valley. Still standing are a few miner's homes, the post office, saloon and a hotel. The town has that authentic "Old West" feel, so authentic in fact that the 1950's TV show "Sgt. Preston of The Yukon" filmed there. We went a little farther up the road where it turns to dirt and rock, 4WD definitely comes in handy there. The road is the access trail to climb the fourteeners Castle Peak and Conundrum Peak. We turned around in a campsite parking area before the road crossed the stream, there was no bridge, and I didn't feel like fording streams with my truck.

Monday I took them on a hike, up to Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock Falls. I already wrote about it a couple of weeks ago, but I decided that it would make a good hike for my parents. Its short, but steep, climbing nearly 1000 feet in just under a mile and quarter. They really liked the lake and falls, and were boasting to everyone on the way down that the trip is "worth it". We had a nice dinner that night as a reward and then just relaxed back at the apartment. Tuesday it was back to work for me, so I sent them off to shop for souvenirs and to go the outlet mall in Silverthorne. By now they are probably somewhere in Nebraska on the drive back home.