First, I would like to congratulate Chicago's All-Star reps on a great game. They all did pretty well, Loaiza pitched a scoreless inning, Sosa and Alou each had singles (Sammy getting an RBI with his), and although Zambrano gave up an RBI triple, he pitched well in his one inning of work.  Other interesting sports news, Etan Thomas (Syracuse alum) signed a 6 year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, its good to see the former SU basketball stars in the NBA, my congratulations to him as well! 
Its been a fairly quiet week, work hasn't been too bad, though I did just pick up 2 more projects. They are both custom houses, and I am only doing the construction phase, they are already designed. They are both in Crested Butte, so the guys in charge of manpower decided that seeing as I was doing the lodge there, it would be good to tack on the 2 houses so I could combine site visits for all three projects. Should be fun! I am actually getting my first trip to Crested Butte this weekend, though its not for work. We are going on a 4WD Camping Weekend with some people from work. Basically we will drive off on some dirt road into the backcountry, set up camp, then hike around on Saturday, and head to Crested Butte. There are a couple of former employees living there that we will get to have dinner with. We will probably camp again Saturday, and drive back Sunday after some breakfast in town. I'll tell you all about it when I get back, until then, take care everyone!