Too Much Rain!

Our weather needs to get its priorities straightened out. Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful, sunny, and 70 degrees. But last Sunday it pretty much poured non-stop, and today we had scattered showers all day (which can alter ones hiking agendas). I got started early this morning because I knew it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, but it started raining at 10.30, just over an hour into my hike. It looked like there was going to be a lot of this off-and-on rain all day, so I turned around and went back to the car beforeit got worse. I was going to climb Mt. Silverheels, but settled for a nice ridge tour just south of the Continental Divide near Hoosier Pass. The views were great, being basically right across the street from 3 fourteeners, and high enough to see the expanse of South Park. Yes, there is a real South Park, though its not a town, its more of a region. Its basically a large expanse of flat land surrounded by mountains in Park County that is used for cattle ranching. Its pretty wide too, some 30 miles or so across. The towns of Alma and Fairplay sort of anchor it on the northwest side. In town there is the South Park Saloon, and South Park Hotel! It kind of makes you laugh to drive by it all, and you can't help but sing the theme song...

Anyway, so the showers kept going all day, during my drive back home I went through 3 different ones, and throughout the afternoon it kept going like that. It would be nice if it could at least hold off until like 4pm or so like it usually does, that way I could get in a climb! I don't think we have had a weekend with zero rain since before Memorial Day. Hopefully this coming one will be sunny, my parents are coming to visit, and I would hate to have us get all wet! Well I hope everyone back home is enjoying the battle of the Chicago baseball teams, so far each team has won once, tomorrow we'll see who gets the bragging rights. Well, for one week anyway, as its off to Wrigley next week to do it all over again. I'm sorry to have to miss it all, its always a good time!