A Taste of Hawai'i?

Well sort of, Sunday's destination wasn't surrounded by lush rainforests, but the crystal clear green pools of Hanging Lake feel a bit like paradise. Hanging Lake is approximately a mile and quarter north of the Colorado River in the middle of Glenwood Canyon, the hike to the lake gains 900 feet, and while steep in places it is a pleasant hike with a beautiful payoff. The lake itself has green water, that you can see all the way to the bottom of. 3 separate waterfalls that split from the same stream above cascade into the lake, and another waterfall leaves the lake below, hence the "hanging" look. Above the lake a few hundred yards the stream above the lake is fed by a waterfall called Spouting Rock Falls, which literally spouts right out of the middle of a cliff. The cliff is overhanging and you can walk easily behind the falls and feel their cool spray. The hike takes most people about an hour, and is very popular, the only thing spoiling the pristine beauty is the fact that you have to share it with at least two dozen other people. Its amazing the variety of natural sights that this state has to offer, and I feel that I have barely touched the surface!

On the work front, we issue our lodge this Wednesday for building permit, then my boss goes on vacation for the rest of the week, should be an easy week. The project is going well, and over the next two weeks we will wrap up our coordination and out details and issue for construction July 1. Also, I just got done watching the Cubs, wasn't that a great game? I love it when they beat Houstin, and Mark Prior's first win of the season at the expense of Roger Clemens first lost made it that much nicer! I'm also proud of Anderson throwing 4 solid relief innings in a game when the bullpen was mostly unusable due their 15 inning marathon Sunday. Great job!